Chemicals Export Data: The Rise of the Indian Chemical Industry 2020

India has become an exporting hub of chemicals. The mentioned country has successfully achieved its mission from counting down on companies that trade in chemicals to the high-end contribution in GDP. India Export Date portrays up to 4.78% growth in the chemicals market, including inorganic chemicals, drugs & pharmaceuticals, plastics & petrochemicals.


Such vast escalation in the chemicals export data of India depicts the potential of a great future. Hence, if you are establishing a chemicals’ global trade business in India or somewhat planning import-export links with Indian organizations, Chemicals Export data will help you calculate the forecast profit and loss in the times to come. Today, Cybex presents some mind-blowing facts that explain the rise of the Indian Chemical industry in 2019-20.

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Vary Output

To begin with, Chemicals export data with Cybex reveals that from 2010-2020, in 10 years, India has accomplished proficiency in the production of chemicals. That’s right! Do you know? International Import Export Data of Chemicals shows that India produces up to 80 thousand types of chemical products. Indian Chemical Council or ICC also opened up a Data bank on chemicals in 2009 with the extraordinary forecasted growth of Tata Chemicals Ltd.

Thus, if the Indian Chemical Industry and Import Export keep their paces up, in the next 10 years, the industry’s contribution towards India’s GDP will boost like a mile in a minute.

The top 10 list

To countdown the top chemical companies in India, you will need more than ten fingers because the list is unending. At present, Bayer CropScience Ltd trades in bio-agriculture and non-agriculture pest control products for crop protection and seed & trait solutions. It boosts the country’s chemical revenue and contributes to the agricultural industry on a good scale.

Other prominent names that trade chemicals internationally are PI Industries Ltd (fungicides, herbicides, and rare liquid chemicals), Atul Ltd (bulk chemicals and intermediates), and Aarti Industries Ltd (drugs and pharmaceuticals). To your surprise, all the top industries hold revenue over 4 Thousand Crores. Top-notch companies like UPL Ltd. disclosed its total sales amounted to 33 thousand crores approximately.

Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Chemical Industry

Here’s a fun fact disclosed by Chemicals Export Data: in 2016, higher than one billion U.S. Dollars were invested as FDI in the Indian Chemical Industry (however, excluding fertilizers). Above all, the import export data statistics display a constant growth in the investment and revenue. It is astounding how in 2020, India faced a repulsion in the chemical industry? To view why check our Chemicals India Export Data.

COVID-19 Influenced the Industry

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has brought along several controversies rising among the countries. From triggered trade-war with China to acquisition of large-scale business due to improved debt rate, the Indian Chemicals Industry is no exception. In the past few months, India has lost over 24 chemical companies to business acquisition by international chemical manufacturers and traders. Not only this, but the country received a license cancellation for chemicals export, excluding hazardous chemicals. Hence, due to the sudden decline rate, the Indian Government has been planning several schemes and policies to recover the loss.

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