Exporting The Best of South India; Coconuts

The coconut is a stone fruit with the liquid and solid endosperm inside it score. A full-grown coconut fruit weighs almost 1.5 kilos. Coconut trees are highly tolerant of salinity and grow best in warm climates with high humidity. There are two distinct varieties of coconut the tall and the dwarf variety. The tall variety takes more year to bear its fruit but has a long-life span. Hybrid varieties are often used in commercial cultivation to get high and consistent yields. In financial year 2018 exports of coconut products other than coir and coir products were to the tune of 1800 crore rupees. According to the official’s high prices of raw coconut put up pause on the product exports, specially kernel products such as desiccated coconut powder, coconut oil and virgin coconut oil. Coconut product exports two years ago stood at rupees 2300 crore. If prices of raw nuts were lower, the export figure could have crossed 2500 crore rupees mark by now.

coconut exporters details
coconut exporters details

Changes in prices

In 2017-18 and 2018-19, domestic prices of raw nuts were three times higher compared to the prices in other major coconut growing countries. This has affected price competitiveness of the India’s coconut product exports. Now the prices have started moving southwards reaching 25-27 rupees per kg. According to the officials, the highest price of raw nuts is remunerative for farmers and the coconut development boards focus is to get the maximum price for the farming community. Higher prices are in the last two years have enabled farmers to get good returns.

Exporting fresh coconut to foreign countries

In Europe coconuts are become more popular ethnic and health ingredient which has boosted the variety of available coconut products, including fresh coconut. In this Fresh Sector the traditional mature coconuts are complemented with the young, drinkable coconut. Traditionally Europe markets mature coconuts because of their high flesh content. In recent years there has been an increasing demand for young coconut. The fresh of young coconut is much thinner and softer, but there principal selling point is the coconut water. A majority of the exported coconuts find their way through the Netherlands. From their other important markets are also being supplied such as Germany, France and Italy. But it also functions as a distribution hub for smaller markets such as Belgium, Austria and Denmark. With 13000 turns the United Kingdom consumes a large amount of coconuts is it is an interesting and market that can be supplied directly. Italy imports a large quantity of coconuts. It is a popular summer fruit and regularly sold tourist on the beaches.

The increase attention to health and environment generates interest in raw, natural and organic food. Coconuts fits very well with this trend as they also grow in the wild and are considered as an originally pure product. That is why an increasing amount of companies are now focusing on its organic cultivation. Suppliers use this as a selling point towards consumers. Sellers make sure to have excellent Preservation and packaging when supplying young coconuts.

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